Animal Welfare

Policy Statements on Animal Welfare
ProTen meets three primary objectives by caring for livestock in a welfare friendly manner:

  • To maintain respect for birds, so they do not suffer;
  • To ensure flocks grow as efficiently as possible and they are not damaged in the process; and
  • To recognise and respect consumer, retailer and general community attitudes and expectations regarding the humane treatment of livestock farmed specifically for human consumption.

In order to satisfy and uphold the Policy Statement, standards have been developed and are continually refined and monitored including:

  • Government and industry endorsed Codes of Practice which set out how meat chickens are cared for throughout their lives, including specific regulation with respect to housing, feed, transportation and processing. 

Regulations, standards, compliance and audit ensure that the consideration of the birds health and welfare is paramount.

Australian Chicken Meat Federation (“ACMF”)

The ACMF is the peak industry body for participants in the chicken meat industries in Australia and is recognised as the industry representative by the Australian Government.

It is the ACMF, and its members, industry position that ‘high standards of bird welfare and strong economic performance go hand in hand’ and that all participants should seek to ‘ensure that chickens are well fed, healthy and comfortable as this is in the best interests of both birds and growers’. 

Meat chickens are never raised in cages. Commercial meat chickens are raised in large, clean and environmentally controlled sheds.